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We're talented multidisciplinary designers who believe that good design should be thoughtful, humane, and effective.

Drew Hicks


Drew Hicks is a designer, writer, and strategic communicator. From leading camera teams for Hollywood productions to more than a decade of writing scripts, running media campaigns, and leading executive communications strategy for the Fortune 500 and in the public sector, he is a storyteller to the core. He challenges clients with connecting brands to their customers and communities.


Why are we called 4th?

You can separate the world into different spaces. Your first space is your home, it's where you live, and you have complete control of your environment. Second spaces are where you work, and you have agency, but you are subject to the environment around you. Third spaces are social environments like parks and coffee shops, where all participants are equal and welcome to join in.

Businesses work in the same way. Your first space is your products and services—things you control directly. Your second space is your advertising and branding, where you control the content, but it lives in an outside environment. Third space is the same social space, which may include social media, but also consists of conferences, news media, and word of mouth. In those third spaces your brand's voice has just as much value as anyone else who has something to say about you.

In both human and business matters, the relationship and arrangement of these spaces creates a space of its own. If you were to install a public park next to a factory, it's unlikely it would get as much use as if it was next to a coffee shop. Similarly, having a product strategy that fails to align with your marketing and social strategies can negatively impact your whole business, failing to engage customers, and hurting your bottom line.

This meta-space, created by the interplay of all the spaces of your business, is a fourth space of its own. It defines how your customers perceive you, how they experience your products, and ultimately, the success of your business.

That's why we're 4th.

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