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For organizations without in-house creatives: We love facilitating workshops that empower you to solve thorny problems.

Introduction to Storytelling

4 hours

Storytelling is one of the fundamental human technologies: it's how we learn, teach, and spread ideas. What makes a great speech different from a boring one? How can you take your message and make it sing? We'll show you how.

In this workshop, we’ll walk you or your team through the storytelling process, highlighting:

Design Thinking for Teams

8 hours

"Design thinking" isn't just for designers. It's a tool that anyone can use to understand what the problem really is. Then, you can design a solution that meets those specific needs.

In this workshop, you’ll learn ideation and organization techniques for asking the right questions, doing your own research, and designing smart solutions. We’ll walk through a series of steps that you can apply to attack the complex challenges facing your technical and product teams.

Training you in a few easy-to-use methods enables your team to apply those skills to everyday projects—over and over again.

Product Naming Workshop

8 hours across 2 days

Coming up with a name sounds easy—until you try it. This two-day workshop walks you through a series of exercises for naming your next product, service, or brand.

We’ll spend a little time understanding who you are and what you're making, and then we'll create emotive signposts around the key elements we uncover. From there, we’ll explore language and voice and give you a framework for building and thinking about your name. Finally, we'll give you a rubric for ranking and evaluating possible name choices and then help your team customize the list to fit your needs.

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